Environmental Health and Safety Specialist (Franklin, IN)

Posted: Mar 12, 2018

Job Description

Monitors NSK’s compliance with environmental and safety requirements at the corporate level. Maintains applicable records of environmental matters. Ensures proper compliance with status filings and license applications. Maintains a working knowledge of environmental and safety requirements and makes recommendations to management regarding environmental and safety issues and implements environmental and safety compliance and audit functions.

1.Identifies environmental and safety reporting responsibilities and ensures compliance for the corporation.

2. Maintains accurate records with respect to environmental and safety reporting, plus waste hauler materials and other environmental matters.

3. Provides basic training to plant management and staff. Interfaces closely with NSK’s legal counsel to preserve confidential manufacturing processes that may have an environmental impact.

4. Identifies the licensing and permitting requirement at the plant level and ensures compliance with the licensing and permitting requirements.

5. Conducts in-house environmental and safety evaluations to enassure compliance. Involves facility inspection, grounds inspection, equipment and materials inspection.

6. Maintains up-to-date working knowledge of environmental and safety compliance issues. Works closely with NSK’s legal counsel to preserve NSK’s rights under environmental laws.

7. Makes recommendations to NSK management with respect to environmental and safety compliance issues and implements compliance and audit programs.

8. Information source of environmental and safety inspections made by local or federal authorities, as well as the source for which all plant and corporate environmental matters pass.

9. Knowledgeable in plant processes and associated chemicals used in the processes.

This job requires a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in a related field and 2 to 4 years of position-related experience; the preferred formal education is a Master’s Degree and 4 to 6 years of position-related experience.

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