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2017 Central Indiana ASSE Jim Kriner Memorial Scholarships

Posted: Apr 04, 2017

The ASSE Foundation Board of Trustees announced the 2017 Scholarship and Professional Education Grant Recipients.  Because of the Central Indiana Chapter’s generous contributions the Board of Trustees have selected the following individuals for the Central Indiana ASSE Jim Kriner Memorial Scholarships:


Lucas Letner – $3,000 scholarship (Indiana University Bloomington)

Daneil Borkowski – $1,000 scholarship (Indiana State University)

Tanner Warner – $1,000 scholarship (Indiana University Bloomington)


Please join the Chapter’s Board of Officers in congratulating these students.

Faculty Spotlight : Randy Evans – Occupational Saftey and Health manager for IU

Posted: May 03, 2016

Mr. Evans is the occupational health and safety manager for all of the Indiana University campuses statewide. Mr. Evans detailed his departments’ everyday duties as well as the extent for which his departments’ responsibilities reached.  Mr. Evans also discussed the contributions of his colleagues, and attributes their combined successes to the various backgrounds from which they came.  Those backgrounds include environmental health, Construction, and Industrial hygiene. 

“Seeing is believing”-Edge Safety Eyewear Training

Posted: May 03, 2016

Edge Eyewear is a state of the art eyewear safety company based out of Oregon. Indiana University students had the pleasure of attending a safety tutorial presented by Neil Powell, an Edge eye wear representative, where students received great training, a certification and a free pair of safety glasses.  The certification workshop included the following objectives: To provide an understanding of ANSI standards relating to safety eyewear and to educate individuals on the major myths vs. facts pertaining to safety eyewear The training tutorial was based of ANSI Z87.1+ 2010, which is a test for minimum performance measure for eyewear protection.  Edge eyewear was tested at ICS Laboratories INC against the ANSI Z87.1+2010 standard, where it excelled against the likes of other brands in the industry. The Safety eyewear passed many impact tests including, high mass impact, high velocity impact and penetration test and looked flawless after all three tests. The brand also passed all optical test including luminous transmission, refractive power and resolving power test associated with ANSI standards.

IU Safety Program Welcomes New Professor – Dr. Todd Smith

Posted: May 03, 2016

1. Please provide a brief description of your professional background and of your position within Indiana University-Bloomington’s Department of Applied Health Science.

I began my career in the safety field after I completed my Master of Science in Safety Management degree at West Virginia University in 1995.  That summer, I started working as a safety consultant for a small safety consulting company out of Columbia, South Carolina, while living in Wilmington, North Carolina.  The next spring, I took a position in Chapel Hill, NC with RISCORP (a company out of Sarasota, FL), which was soon purchased by Zenith Insurance Company.  I worked for Zenith Insurance full time as a safety consultant in North Carolina until 2006.  In August of 2006, I started my doctoral degree at the University of Georgia, College of Public Health.  At UGA, I taught occupational safety and health and injury prevention courses.  I was also a graduate research assistant within the Workplace Health Group working on large research projects with Dow Chemical and Union Pacific Railroad and on various firefighter safety projects.  I continued to work part-time for Zenith Insurance as a safety consultant until 2009.  I graduated with my doctorate from the University of Georgia in 2010.  I took a position as an Assistant Professor with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.  Once on board, I became the Program Chair for the Master of Science in Occupational Safety Management Program, which we began developing in 2010.  We started enrolling students in 2012.  I led that program until the summer of 2015.  I started here at IU-Bloomington in the safety unit in August 2015.

Dr. Al Capuano : “Recommendations for Students”

Posted: May 03, 2016

Background and position with IU-Bloomington’s Department of Applied Health Science.

I taught high school (Health Science) for three years and then went to Kent State University as a graduate assistant in 1967.  I finished my Masters in 1968 and then taught at Kent State University for the next eight years.  In 1976 I took a leave of absence from KSU and went to Brigham Young University on a teaching fellowship.  I completed my Doctorate in 1978 and started my safety career in Louisville, Kentucky working for a cement manufacturer.  For the next 34+ years I worked in safety for ICI Americas, Inc. – Wilmington, DE (seven years), and then finished my safety career from 1987 through 2009 at The Heritage Group in Indianapolis.  After I retired, I started my own consulting company and became an Adjunct Professor at Indiana in 2009.  In 2015 Indiana University gave me the opportunity to become a Visiting lecturer.”

Christina Merriot – ASSE Central Indiana Board President Presentation

Posted: May 03, 2016

On Monday, November 9, 2015, we had the pleasure of having the Central Indiana ASSE Board President and safety representative for the Milestone Contractors LP, Christina Merriott, to speak at our student chapter meeting. Christina began her career as an estimator for MC, and then transitioned into a safety role five years later. She also went on to tell of personal experiences working in the profession, shared funny stories, and reflected upon her professional career paths and gave recommendations for those of us just starting out.