ISU and Purdue University Safety Programs Receive GSP Designation Status

Posted: Jun 03, 2017

April 2017, Indiana State University in Terre Haute and Purdue University in West Lafayette undergraduate degree programs were approved as Qualified Academic Programs by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals.  As a result, upon graduation, students are eligible to apply and receive the Graduate Safety Professional Designation (GSP).  The GSP designation will substitute for the required Associate Safety Professional (ASP) credential.

The GSP designation is a very prestigious and valuable credential and highlights the rigor and quality of the ISU and Purdue University’s Safety Programs.  Congratulations to the both schools and thanks to all who have contributed to the success of the program.

Understanding the Graduate Safety Practitioner Program

The Graduate Safety Practitioner® (GSP®) is an additional path to the CSP available to safety degree graduates from degree programs which meet BCSP Qualified Academic Program (QAP) standards. Those awarded the GSP designation meet the requirement of holding a BCSP approved credential.

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